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Welcome to the Office of Health Careers Advising at Furman University! 

Upcoming Events

Personal Statement Workshop
Mar 24 (Tues), 6:00 PM, Patrick Lecture Hall

AED Meeting
Mar 30 (Mon), 7:00 PM, Patrick Lecture Hall

Furman's Pre-Health program is committed to providing students with the experience necessary for professional training in many major health-related fields.

Pursuing a career in the health related fields is one of society's highest endeavors.  It presents the individual with exceptional opportunities for self-fulfillment and service to humanity.  Furman University has a long tradition in the preparing and training students to become practitioners of medicine, dentistry, veterinary science, nursing, physical therapy, pharmacy, and many other areas related to health.  Furman students have and continue to become leaders in their chosen fields.  Furman's liberal arts curriculum is central to a student's success.  A liberal arts education is widely recognized as the best pre-professional training for students seeking health related careers.  A liberal arts education exposes students to the world of ideas in the humanities and the sciences.  It expands a student's understanding of the human condition, and it enhances the development of humane instincts.  A rigorous liberal arts education prepares students to meet the challenges and bear the responsibilities that await them in their future careers through mental discipline, exposure to new ideas, experience in research and internships, and study abroad.

Furman-Greenville Health System Partnership
Furman University has recently entered into new academic partnership with the Greenville Health System (GHS) that will allow Furman to develop innovative programs for undergraduate students interested in health-related careers and provide them with an array of hands-on experiences at one of the Southeast’s largest health systems.  As part of the agreement, Furman will be GHS’ primary undergraduate partner, providing its faculty and students, as well as those of other colleges in the area, with distinctive opportunities to study and work with healthcare professionals at GHS in both clinical and non-clinical settings. (See full News Release and Case Statement for more information.)


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 Additional information can be found Alpha Epsilon Delta (AED) OrgSync page

Scheduling a Meeting with the Health Careers Advisor:  A sign-up sheet is posted on the bulletin board outside of the PreHealth Office Suite (TNS 071).  A new sign-up sheet is posted each Monday by 10:30 AM.

Scheduling a Meeting with the Pre-Health Experiences Coordinator:  Please email Ms  Ybarra  to schedule a meeting. 

 Contact Information: 

John Banisaukas
Chief Health Careers Advisor
(864) 294-3042
Susan Ybarra
Health Experiences Coordinator
(864) 294-3528